Resighini Rancheria

P.O. Box 529
Klamath, CA 95548
Ph: (707) 482-2431
Fax: (707) 482-3425
Chairman: Fawn Murphy
Tribal Affiliation: Yurok

The Resighini Rancheria is a federally recognized reservation and is located along the south bank of the Klamath River and on the west by Highway 101 bridge and backed up against privately owned land within what is now known as the Yurok Reservation.

We presently have increased our land base; we have five homes, three tribal administration buildings, a tribally owned Gold Bear Casino, a tribally owned Cher-ere Campground and are in the process of other economic development projects.

The tribal headquarters are located in Klamath California.

Tribal Government Representatives
Fawn Murphy