Teen Advisory Group (TAG)

UIHS’ Teen Advisory Group (TAG) started in 1991 and is a peer-to-peer education program comprised of Native youth between the ages of 12 and 18.

TAG members are educated on various health issues such as Tobacco Education, Suicide Prevention and Diabetes Education. With the knowledge learned TAG members present the information throughout the community. TAG members are educated on various health topics, yet in all teachings there is an emphasis on tradition and culture.

Those involved in TAG may review various educational materials, listen to presenters and elders, and learn through hands-on activities. TAG members may travel and attend special training and conferences then share that information with other TAG members. TAG members have opportunities to make educational presentations at different community events. TAG members may also be involved with media activities that include writing newspaper articles, developing digital stories and Public Service Announcements. UIHS assists in members developing skills to become strong and educated leaders within their community and give them various tools and knowledge to help them succeed as adults.

Other Teen Resources