Opioid Awareness Coalition (OAC)

The Opioid Awareness Coalition (OAC) was founded in February of 2019 by UIHS’ Tribal Public Health Department as a monthly community coalition group with UIHS leadership, our Tribal Partners, law enforcement, community partners, cultural leaders, and individuals with lived experience to combat the opioid epidemic in our region.

The Opioid Awareness Coalition developed a strategic plan that identified and prioritized the need for:

  • Cultural activities, Ceremonies, Sweats
  • Community education topics
  • Methods of providing education to our tribal community
  • Teaching of traditional gathering
  • Utilization of herbs, teas and salves to address wellness, including pain
  • management
  • General training on opioids and addiction as an illness
  • Cultural teachings
  • Reducing stigma
  • Alternative pain management options

OAC’s plan includes providing education through community events, youth and elder activities, traditional arts and crafts, working with schools, social media posts, talking circles, lived experience presentations, and sharing data with others. It also highlights the need of robust prevention activities, methods to

manage pain, effective treatment services and ways to prevent opioid overdose deaths within our tribal communities.

OAC meets on the First Friday of each month
Community members are welcome to join!

TOR Team can be reached at 707.825.5070

Amanda Colegrove, HPE Manager

Chelsey Castiglione, HPE Supervisor

Robin Johnson, HPE Specialist

More Information on the Opioid Awareness Coalition