Blue Lake Rancheria

P.O. Box 428
Blue Lake, CA 95525
Ph: (707) 668-5101
Fax: (707) 668-4272
Chairman: Claudia Brundin
Tribal Affiliation: Wiyot, Yurok, Tolowa

Located in rural Humboldt County, the Blue Lake Rancheria, California (Tribe) is a federally recognized sovereign nation organized under an Indian Reorganization Act  Constitution. Established in 1908 within the aboriginal territory of the Wiyot people as a refuge for homeless Indians, in 1958 the Tribe was unlawfully terminated under P.L. 85-671. In 1983, as a result of Tillie Hardwick v. United States, the Tribe was federally reinstated and worked for over two decades to reorganize and reacquire tribal lands.

Today the Tribe operates over 30 government programs, 15 departments (e.g., environmental, utility authority, IT, police, office of emergency services, Tribal Court, public transit), and an array of economic enterprises to provide social services and public safety resources for tribal members and local, regional, state, and federal stakeholders. The Tribe works on a variety of health issues, with a focus on increasing public awareness of the dangerous health impacts of ambient/outdoor air pollution, and supporting community resilience and wellness initiatives.

Tribal Government Representatives
Claudia Brundin