Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria

266 Keisner Road
Loleta, CA 95551
Ph: (707) 733-1900
Fax: (707) 733-1972
Chairman: Josefina Frank
Tribal Affiliation: Wiyot, Mattole

The Bear River Band of the Rohnerville Rancheria is a federally recognized tribe, located South of Eureka, traditionally living on the Mattole and Bear Rivers in the vicinity of Cape Mendocino.

One notable difference between the Mattole and other indigenous people if what is now northwest California is that the men traditionally had facial tatoos (on the forehead), while other local groups traditionally restricted facial tatoos to women.

The Mattole spoke an Athapaskan Language, aboriginal Bear River Villages included Tcalko’, Chilsheck, Selsche’ech, Tlanko, Estakana, and Sehtla.

The tribal headquarters are located in Loleta California.

Tribal Government Representatives
Teresa Ballew