Referrals & Purchase Referred Care


United Indian Health Services (UIHS) is dedicated to getting our clients the best possible care. In order for our clients to take advantage of the wide array of services that are available both in our local clinics and with regional and out-of-town specialists, applying for Medi-Cal can greatly improve the chances of coverage for your needs.

The Medi-Cal guidelines have changed to become more inclusive – see if you qualify today!

If you are in need of assistance applying for Medi-Cal, please call Member Services at 707-825-4090 for Humboldt County, and 707-465-2960 for Del Norte.

Purchase Referred Care

Purchase Referred Care is a federally funded program that provides financial assistance for clients that qualify. There are many different ways to qualify:

  • Live in the PRC service area (call to see if you are in the service area)
  • Be a member of one of the 9 federally recognized tribes in California
  • Be a spouse of a client that is a member of one of the 9 federally recognized tribes in California
  • Work at a Native facility 

What if I go to the emergency room? 

You have 72 hours to report your hospitalization to Purchase Referred Care so that the process of covering your claim may begin. If you fail to report your hospitalization within 72 hours, it may delay the process of getting a claim covered by UIHS significantly. 

UIHS offers many services to our clients, but some clients will require referrals to see a specialist outside of our clinic(s).

Priority List

What UIHS covers: Medical, Dental and Vision appointments, Acupuncture, Some Prescriptions, Behavioral Health and Tribal Public Health services.

What Medi-Cal covers: 

Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, etc.

What UIHS does not cover: 

Gender Reassignment Surgery, Geriatric Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, etc.

If you have any questions regarding Purchase Referred Care, please contact us at:

Humboldt clients: (707) 825-5080

Del Norte clients: (707) 465-2970


What do I need to do before making an appointment at UIHS? 

Is it your first time visiting our clinic(s), or has it been more than 3 years since your last visit to UIHS? If so, you will need to receive an establishing care appointment before being seen for your current medical needs. Call the clinic today to see if you qualify for scheduling an establishing care appointment, or for assessing your current medical need(s). Humboldt clients: (707) 825-4090, Del Norte clients: (707) 465-2960.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Please bring your insurance card and personal identification card or equivalent (Driver’s license, passport, military ID card). 

Why does applying for Medi-Cal benefit me as a client of the UIHS? 

You do not have to have Medi-Cal to come to UIHS, but applying for Medi-Cal increases the amount of services that you will be able to receive at the UIHS clinics and from specialists through referrals.