Traditional Resources Advisory Committee (TRAC)

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Original CEMAC Members

The Traditional Health Committee was established in April 1999, and merged with the Conservation Easement Management Advisory Committee (CEMAC) in July 2003 to form the Traditional Resources Advisory Committee (TRAC).

TRAC provides guidance and oversight for the Ku’ wah-dah-wilth Restoration Area (KRA), Traditional Resources, and Community Nutrition with the understanding that all things are connected. Through the work of these three programs, TRAC supports preventative health activities for attaining wellness that go beyond physical health based on the understanding that the “Health of the Environment = Health of the People.”

The purpose of this committee is to:

  • To promote arts and cultural events that support community healing
  • To encourage, preserve and promote the teaching of cultural knowledge and practices that contribute to a healthy lifestyle
  • To promote wellness by improving access to highly nutritious foods, emphasizing the connection to food through traditional philosophies and education; including information about traditional foods
  • To support KRA as an outdoor classroom that demonstrates traditional land stewardship and ecological responsibility; including providing access to and education about culturally significant food, textile and medicinal plants
  • To provide opportunities and education for cultural enrichment that acknowledge native values as they relate to renewable and sustainable practices
  • To establish guidelines that promote the delivery of health care in a manner which is culturally relevant to the needs of the UIHS community
  • To provide oversight in the development and implementation of a cultural competency program at UIHS