Recycled Materials at Potawot

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Recycled Redwood

A number of materials used to build Potawot Health Village were made from recycled materials. This compliments the Traditional Resources Advisory Committees goal of providing opportunities and education for cultural enrichment that acknowledge native values as they relate to renewable and sustainable practices. Many of the decks, picinic tables and benches found along the trails are made from recycled plastic bags and waste wood.


Recycled Redwood used in the "Pota Cochere" Entrance at Potawot

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History of Recycled Wood Used at Potawot

Over 10,000 square feet of recycled redwood was used in the building of Potawot Health Village. The recycled redwood has a rich history and was previously used in many structures along the north coast. The twelve columns and paneling in the Gathering Room came from lumber salvaged when the Union Lumber Mill in Fort Bragg was dismantled. The buildings were built in 1887 for the first band mill on the north coast and helped to supply the lumber to build San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake.

The exterior benches and some of the interior trim was re-milled from lumber originating in Isaiah Minors horse barn in Blue Lake, California.

The interior window trim and exterior fascia were salvaged predominately from one of the wood storage buildings that was part of Pacific Lumber's mill in Scotia, California. The old timbers used from Scotia had river silt in the checks from the 1964 flood.


Recycled fir flooring

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The twelve columns in the Gathering Room were cut from 16" by 16" timbers and were up to 30' long. The soffit paneling in the "Pota Cochere" came predominately from a water tank from Orick.

The recycled wood used at Potawot carries a long history and could have wound up in a landfill, but now provides UIHS to be a part of that history for many years to come.


View deck made from recycled composite decking with recycled redwood railing. 

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Recycling bins made from recycled materials.

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