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Pharmacy Update


Beginning November 13, 2017, UIHS will fill al your prescriptions at Potawot Health Village Pharmacy. If you cannot come to our pharmacy, we can either mail them to your address of choice or deliver them to one of our medical clinics. However, there are a few exceptions:
1) We cannot mail outside California.
2) We cannot mail controlled substances such as Narcotics and anxiety medications.

Beginning December 1, 2017, the American Health Care (AHC) Card will no longer be accepted at community pharmacies. You may have used the AHC card to get reduced prices at local pharmacies. You will no longer be able to do this starting December 1.

Some prescriptions will still be paid for by UIHS at the same local pharmacies as before.
Here are some examples:
1) Medications prescribed that your provider wants you to start that same day.
2) Prescriptions from hospital emergency rooms.
3) Prescriptions from a healthcare facility that you have been discharged from which you were not referred to by a UIHS provider. For example, when you are admitted to a hospital from an emergency room visit.
4) Controlled substances that cannot be delivered or mailed.

Please contact the Potawot Health Village Pharmacy if you have any questions. 707-825-5020.

Thank you for continuing to trust UIHS with you healthcare and wellness.

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