Substance Abuse Treatment Services for Youth (SATS)

United Indian Health Services, Inc. offers an youth outpatient substance abuse treatment program through the Behavioral Health department. Our program incorporates culturally appropriate services as well as the traditional twelve-step model.

Intake Assessment: Assessments are done using computer generated assessments such as Juvenile Automated Substance Abuse Evaluation (JASEA) for the youth who are seen through the substance abuse program.

Individual Youth and Family Counseling: Individual and family substance abuse counseling works on personal problems and concerns in an environment which supports the client's ability to achieve their goals.

Youth Referral to Residential Treatment: Youth who need residential treatment for substance abuse issues may receive assistance for placement referral to various out of state regional programs. In order to access our residential treatment services, a client must go through our screening and referral service.

Juvenile Detention facilities: Our substance abuse program, available in both Humboldt and Del Norte counties, conducts eligibility screening in at Juvenile Hall.