Mental Health Service

Treatment is most effective when families and communities work together to provide appropriate and accessible services."We blend tradition, culture and modern treatment to help build strong, successful youth and families." We may meet you in our new Behavioral Health Integration project which places clinical social workers in the medical offices for quick consultation.


Del Norte County Mental Health (707) 464-7224
206 Williams Drive
Crescent City, CA 95531

Humboldt County Mental Health (707) 268-2900
720 Wood Street Crisis Number (707) 445-7715
Eureka, CA 95501 Crisis Walk-in daily 9:00 to 4:00

Individual Therapy: In individual psychotherapy, personal problems and concerns are addressed in an environment which facilitates the client's potential for identifying, achieving, and maintaining personal goals. Recent advances using best practice models are used with specific areas such as depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive behavior, and hoarding, etc.

Play Therapy: For small children there is play therapy available for a child to communicate and resolve trauma and personal issues in a non verbal way through the use of therapeutic games, sand tray, and art exercises. Play therapy is always conducted with additional family therapy so that conflicts and issues can be evaluated in the larger picture.

Family Therapy: Family therapy provides a neutral environment in which couples and family members, both immediate and extended, can explore issues that are negatively impacting family dynamics and children.

Juvenile Hall Assessments and Counseling: Once a week a mental health counselor goes into the Juvenile Hall facility in Eureka to meet and work with Indian youth. Counseling services are provided to all youth who have either self-identified or have been identified by the Juvenile Hall staff as American Indian. In Del Norte County, the Probation Department sends Behavioral Health staff a list of American Indians who are currently in the Juvenile Hall. A substance abuse counselor will see the youth there.

Couples Therapy: Couples therapy provides couples with a forum to strengthen relationships, improve their communication skills, and process their conflicts so that the couple can have a more rewarding and productive relationship.