About UIHS

About UIHS

UIHS Compliance Section

The United Indian Health Services Compliance Program, established by the Board of Directors is one of the key components supporting our commitment to high standards of corporate conduct.


Compliance Program 

 The United Indian Health Services Compliance Program, established by the Board of Directors, is one of the key components supporting our commitment to high standards of corporate conduct.


Board of Directors


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Core Philosophies

Ko'lha koom' ma (Yurok - working together)
We honor the dignity of every person. We value working together with the individual, the family and the community. By sharing our strengths and resources we bring wellness to ourselves, our community and our world.
May gay tolh kway (Yurok - a healing place)
We strive to provide the best healthcare services in an environment that is welcoming, healing and nurturing for all. We hire qualified staff and commit ourselves to recruiting American Indians at all levels. We value every staff member and support the development of each employee's potential while optimizing their skills and contributions.
Ghes na' dvn (Tolowa - well place)
We value caring for the whole person. We focus our resources on the promotion of health and prevention of illness. We recognize that social environmental, cultural, spiritual and economic wellness is vital for the overall health of our community and organization; we support and promote actions that bring these elements into balance.

Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles

Quality healthcare also requires a quality working environment. We commit ourselves to creating healthy working conditions that support a sense of family within the organization and allow our staff to provide quality care. Everyone at UIHS accepts the responsibility for fostering an organizational culture that promotes teamwork and encourages us to care for ourselves and each other.

Traditionally Driven
Cultural values and traditions guide the planning and implementation of services.
Care is provided in a way that works best for our clients.
Client Empowerment
Clients and their families are empowered to become active participants in their care.
Access to care is optimized and waiting time minimized.
Communication is respectful, direct and open, allowing mutual decision making between clients, staff, sites, management and the Board of Directors.
We plan and act as an integrated team to care for our clients and community.
The community's greatest needs direct what services we provide and how we provide them.
Prevention, education and health promotion is our focus in the attainment of wellness.
American Indian Staff Development
We commit ourselves to recruiting, training and retaining American Indian Staff.
We hold ourselves and each other accountable for supporting the vision and mission, for following through and for correcting problems as they arise
We efficiently manage our resources, energy and time.

Who We Are


United Indian Health Services (UIHS) came into being in an era of great social change driven by a need for equality and a sense of exciting experimentation.  The organization has weathered storms, some ferocious, some mild.  Over 40 years later, UIHS is a full fledged model of rural health care programs and provides a full range of health services and preventative program for people of all ages.


We recognize that the extensive historical trauma experienced by our people has had a significant impact on the health and wellness of our community. We have survived this trauma but our struggle continues as the pain of these events affects our children and families to this day. We continue to heal and succeed through our culture, our traditions, our families and our spiritual resources.

As part of our healing process, United Indian Health Services was founded to meet our unique needs. We respect those dedicated community leaders who created UIHS to give us "a place of our own" and we honor their vision by always striving to make this the best place for our community to receive care.

About UIHS

The history of the United Indian Health Services began in 1968. It was a time when Native activism coincided with the nation-wide Civil Rights Movement and the Office of Economic Opportunity programs. Together these factors helped create a new era of self-determination for Indian peoples.

In California, where health services were so lacking, Indian groups formed their own health organizations. Each maintained its separate programs but together they started the California Rural Indian Health Board Inc. (CRIHB), an organization which continues providing its members with a variety of quality improvement and advocacy services. Sheer determination, hard work and financial sacrifice paid off when UIHS became an official non-profit organization, ready to serve people in 1970. UIHS started with community outreach services. The first services provided on site were dental services. UIHS continued to expand it's services into nearly every large town within Humboldt County, as well as servicing tribal members from every Rancheria and Reservation in the areas of Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. The use of UIHS mobile services allowed the clinic to provide services to tribal members who still lived in areas that had no electricity or telephones. Over the next twenty years UIHS outgrew four sites, started several satellite clinics, and went from offering basic visiting community health representative's, dental and medical services to a thoroughly modern, full spectrum health service agency. Along the way UIHS has increasingly realized it's goal of incorporating traditional values and customs into daily activities.