About UIHS

About UIHS

AAAHC Accreditation Statement

United Indian Health Services,
Inc. (UIHS)
is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), the nation's leading accrediting organization of
outpatient facilities.

Being accredited means that UIHS has undergone a rigorous professional scrutiny by highly qualified AAAHC professionals and found to provide quality care.  So congratulations; you've made an excellent choice by choosing to receive your healthcare services at UIHS.

AAAHC accreditation means that UIHS:

  • Was visited by experienced AAAHC Health Care Professionals
  • Was measured against nationally recognized standards of care
  • Demonstrates a strong commitment to maintaining patient safety
  • Is dedicated to protecting your privacy
  • Meets all federal, state and local laws as well as AAAHC Standards for the care it provides.



Client Experience Survey Results

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Client Experience Survey at UIHS.  Overall UIHS averaged 82.9% in overall client visit satisfaction.













Once again, thank you for participating in the survey; it is because of you that we are here, to meet the health care needs for our Native American community.

Our Vision

  Healthy mind, body and spirit for generations

  of our American Indian Community.


Our Mission

  To work together with our clients and community
  to achieve wellness through health services
  that reflect the traditional values of our
  American Indian Community.

Financial Assistance

Traditional Community Support

Purpose and Scope:
United Indian Health Services, Inc. (UIHS) is committed to support community traditional functions in the UIHS Services Area that emphasizes the importance of the community enjoying activities that are:

  • Alcohol-free
  • Tobacco-free
  • Drug-free

To be able to support such activities and functions, the UIHS Board of Directors has approved allocation of annual funding of $2,500 for the Traditional Community Support Fund.

If you would like to submit a request, please complete the form above and submit it to:
United Indian Health Services, Inc.
c/o Special Events & Scholarship Committee
1600 Weeot Way
Arcata, CA 95521







2015 Voter Registration


May 2014

UIHS 2014 Board of Directors Election



UIHS 2014 Candidacy Packet

United Indian Health Services, Inc. (UIHS) is seeking interested Indian Community Members in serving as potential Candidates to be members of the UIHS Board of Directors.  Potential Candidates must reside in and around the UIHS Service area within the following area:
Area 4:  Hoopa and Willow Creek

All interested Indian Community Members may request a Declaration of Candidacy packet at www.uihs.org or call 707.825.4123 or 707.825.4136.  The Declaration of Candidacy forms must be submitted no later than September 30, 2014 to:  UIHS Election Committee, P.O. Box 731, Arcata, CA  95521.

If you have any questions regarding the 2014 Election, feel free to contact Carol Larsen or Serena Brooks at (707) 825-5000

Area V

Photo: Courtesy of www.klamathwaterquality.com/dam_location.html

Area V Rancherias/Reservations/Tribes:


Area IV

Photo: Courtesy of Bigfoot Rafting Co. - Willow Creek, CA

Area IV Rancherias/Reservations/Tribes:


Area III

Photo by Don Forthuber: Courtesy of Humboldt County CVB, Redwoods.info


Area III Rancherias/Reservations/Tribes:

Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria
Table Bluff Reservation - Wiyot Tribe

Area II

Photo by Jack Hopkins: Courtesy of Humboldt County CVB, Redwoods.info


Area II Rancherias/Reservations/Tribes:

Trinidad Rancheria
Blue Lake Rancheria


Area I

Photo by Don Forthuber: Courtesy of Humboldt County CVB, Redwoods.info


Area I Rancherias/Reservations/Tribes:

Big Lagoon Rancheria
Elk Valley Rancheria
Resighini Rancheria
Smith River Rancheria
Yurok Tribe

Tolowa Nation (Ex-Officio)


Yurok Tribe of the Yurok Reservation

P.O. Box 1027
Klamath, CA 95548
(707) 482-1350
(707) 482-1377 Fax

Chairman: Thomas O'Rourke

Tribal Affiliation:  Yurok


Photo courtesy of yuroktribalcourt.com

 Culturally, our people are known as great fishermen, eelers, basket weavers, canoe makers, storytellers, singers, dancers, healers and strong medicine people. 

The Klamath-Trinity River is the lifeline of our people because the majority of the food supply like salmon, sturgeon and candlefish are offfered to us from these rivers.   Also important to our people are the foods which are offered from the ocean and inland areas such as mussels, seaweed, acorns, deer, elk, berries and teas.  These foods are essential to pur people health, wellness and religious ceremonies.

Table Bluff Reservation - Wiyot Tribe

1000 Wiyot Road
Loleta, CA 95551
(707) 733-5055
(707) 733-5601 Fax

Chairman: Ted Hernandez

Tribal Affiliation:  Wiyot


Photo courtesy of tripmondo.com

Their traditional homeland ranged from Mad River through Humboldt Bay to the lower Eel River basin.  Inland, their territory was heavily forested in ancient redwood.  Their stretch of shoreland was mostly sandy, dunes and tidal marsh.

The reservation is 16 miles south of Eureka between Loleta and the South Jetty of Humboldt Bay.  Some people of the Wiyot descent are enrolled in the Bear River Rancheria.

Language:  Algonquian

The tribal headquarters are located in Loleta California.

Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation

140 Rowdy Creek Road
Smith River, CA 95567
(707) 487-9255
(707) 487-0930 Fax

Chairman: Kara Miller

Tribal Affiliation:  Tolowa


Photo courtesy of indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com

The Tolowa are a tribe of Native Americans, who still resided in their traditional territories in Northwestern California and southern Oregon.  Tolowa are members of the federally recognized Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation, Elk Valley Rancheria, Confederated Tribes of Siletz, as well as the unrecognized Tolowa Nation. 

The have traditionally spoke the Tolowa language, one of the Athapaskan languages.  Their subsistence was oriented around riverine and marine resources and acorns.

Resighini Rancheria

P.O. Box 529
Klamath, CA 95548
(707) 482-2431
(707) 482-3425 Fax

Chairman: Rick Dowd

Tribal Affiliation:  Yurok


Photo courtesy of epa.gov 


The Resighini Rancheria is a federally recognized reservation and is located along the south bank of the Klamath River and on the west by Highway 101 bridge and backed up against privately owned land within what is now known as the Yurok Reservation.

We presently have increased our land base; we have five homes, three tribal administration buildings, a tribally owned Gold Bear Casino, a tribally owned Cher-ere Campground and are in the process of other economic development projects.

The tribal headquarters are located in Klamath California.

Elk Valley Rancheria

Picture Courtesy of: ourevolution.com2332 Howland Hill Road
Crescent City, CA 95531
(707) 464-4680
(707) 464-4519 Fax

Chairman: Dale Miller

Tribal Affiliation:  Tolowa


Photo courtesy of ourevolution.com

 The Tolowa resided in eight villages along or near the coast.  There are currently ninety-four tribal members in the Elk Valley Rancheria, a combination of both Tolowa and Yurok Indians. 

The Tribe has worked hard to bring prosperity to both the Elk Valley Rancheria, and surrounding region through providing employment opportunities, a wide variety of donations, community support and revenue.  Tribal revenues are also invested in college education for tribal members, as well as early education programs for Native American children at the Elk Valley Head Start.

Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria

P.O. Box 630
Trinidad, CA 95570
(707) 677-0211
(707) 677-3921 Fax

Chairman: Garth Sundberg

Tribal Affiliation:  Yurok, Miwok, Tolowa


Photo courtesy of wikopedia.com

The Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria is a federally recognized tribe located near the City of Trinidad, California.

For thousands of years the Yurok, Wiyot and Tolowa people have lived in the coastal redwood forest region of Northern California.  They were fishers, hunters and gatherers who subsisted primarily on salmon, clams, mussels and other ocean fish, as well as deer, elk, and smaller game animals.  Assorted berries and tan oak acorns were also food staples.  Year-round ceremonies were, and continue to be, central to the Yurok, Wiyot and Tolowa culture bringing families and villages together to give thanks, heal and pray.

Blue Lake Rancheria

P.O. Box 428
Blue Lake, CA 95525
(707) 668-5101
(707) 668-4272 Fax

Chairman: Claudia Brundin

Tribal Affiliation:  Wiyot, Yurok, Tolowa


Photo courtesy of Wright Hotel Development.com

Blue Lake Rancheria is a federally recognized Indian reservation shared by Wiyot, and a few Yurok and Hupa people.  Located in Northern California, 12 miles north of Eureka and 5 miles east of Arcata.

The Blue Lake Rancheria tribe is a Sovereign Nation which exercises jurisdiction over its Tribal lands and Tribal Members.  The Tribe is organized under an IRA Constitution and has the authority to administer programs designed to meet the needs of American Indians residing on the Blue Lake Rancheria, Largely through a PL 93-638 Self Determination Contract, and the operation of its Economic Development Corporations.

Big Lagoon Rancheria

P.O. Drawer 3060
Trinidad, CA 95570
(707) 826-2079
(707) 826-0495 Fax

Chairman: Virgil Moorehead

Tribal Affiliation:  Yurok, Tolowa


Photo courtesy of sfgate.com

The Big Lagoon Rancheria is a federally recognized tribe of Yurok and Tolowa indians.  They are located in Humboldt County and their tribal headquarters is in Arcata, California.

The tribe was first recognized by the US Federal Government on July 10, 1918.  The tribe has 24 enrolled members, eight households reside on the reservation.

Their 20 acre reservation is adjacent to Big Lagoon, a beautiful waterway, located 30 miles north of Eureka.


About UIHS

The history of the United Indian Health Services began in 1968. It was a time when Native activism coincided with the nation-wide Civil Rights Movement and the Office of Economic Opportunity programs. Together these factors helped create a new era of self-determination for Indian peoples.

In California, where health services were so lacking, Indian groups formed their own health organizations. Each maintained its separate programs but together they started the California Rural Indian Health Board Inc. (CRIHB), an organization which continues providing its members with a variety of quality improvement and advocacy services. Sheer determination, hard work and financial sacrifice paid off when UIHS became an official non-profit organization, ready to serve people in 1970. UIHS started with community outreach services. The first services provided on site were dental services. UIHS continued to expand it's services into nearly every large town within Humboldt County, as well as servicing tribal members from every Rancheria and Reservation in the areas of Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. The use of UIHS mobile services allowed the clinic to provide services to tribal members who still lived in areas that had no electricity or telephones. Over the next twenty years UIHS outgrew four sites, started several satellite clinics, and went from offering basic visiting community health representative's, dental and medical services to a thoroughly modern, full spectrum health service agency. Along the way UIHS has increasingly realized it's goal of incorporating traditional values and customs into daily activities.


Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria

   266 Keisner Road

   Loleta, CA 95551

   (707) 733-1900
   (707) 733-1972 Fax

   Chairman: Barry Brenard

   Tribal Affiliation:  Wiyot, Mattole


Photo courtesy of bear river casino 

The Bear River Band of the Rohnerville Rancheria is a federally recognized tribe, located South of Eureka, traditionally living on the Mattole and Bear Rivers in the vicinity of Cape Mendocino.

One notable difference between the Mattole and other indigenous people if what is now northwest California is that the men traditionally had facial tatoos (on the forehead), while other local groups traditionally restricted facial tatoos to women.  

The Mattole spoke an  Athapaskan Language, aboriginal Bear River Villages included Tcalko', Chilsheck, Selsche'ech, Tlanko, Estakana, and Sehtla.

The tribal headquarters are located in Loleta California.

Consortium Tribes

The Indian tribes that founded UIHS have lived in Humboldt and Del Norte counties for hundreds of years. Abandoned by the state, they were left without health care for many years. First incorporated in 1970, UIHS is a tribally owned and governed Indian Health Care Service with a main facility-Potawot-and five sites in outlying areas. In its 42-year history, it has grown from a staff of less than a dozen people to a comprehensive health care of more than 200 employees. It is governed by a Board of Directors that includes Indian community representatives from five different regions and Tribal Government representatives from each of the primary tribes and rancherias.




Available Scholarships

H. D. “Timm” Williams Memorial American Indian Scholarship - 2016 Applications

         Scholarship Application Cover Letter

       Scholarship Application Form


Cheryl Yarbrough Memorial Scholarship

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       W9 Form


UIHS Compliance Section

Compliance Program


The United Indian Health Services Compliance Program, established by the Board of Directors, is one of the key components supporting our commitment to high standards of corporate conduct.


The compliance program is a tool to strengthen the company's efforts to detect and prevent violations of law or company policy.  While a compliance program does not assure that improper conduct will be eliminated, it is the expectation of UIHS that associates will comply with the Code of Conduct and the policies established in support thereof.  In the event that UIHS becomes aware of diversion from policy, we will investigate, take disciplinary action and implement corrective actions to prevent future occurrences when appropriate.



The hotline number is (707) 825-1027

UIHS Compliance Section

United Indian Health Services Compliance Section


The United Indian Health Services Compliance Program, established by the Board of Directors, is one of the key components supporting our commitment to high standards of corporate conduct.