Who We Are


United Indian Health Services (UIHS) came into being in an era of great social change driven by a need for equality and a sense of exciting experimentation.  The organization has weathered storms, some ferocious, some mild.  Over 40 years later, UIHS is a full fledged model of rural health care programs and provides a full range of health services and preventative program for people of all ages.


We recognize that the extensive historical trauma experienced by our people has had a significant impact on the health and wellness of our community. We have survived this trauma but our struggle continues as the pain of these events affects our children and families to this day. We continue to heal and succeed through our culture, our traditions, our families and our spiritual resources.

As part of our healing process, United Indian Health Services was founded to meet our unique needs. We respect those dedicated community leaders who created UIHS to give us "a place of our own" and we honor their vision by always striving to make this the best place for our community to receive care.